Breakdown Cover for You

Breakdown cover for you usually means that you have help no matter what vehicle you are driving, and that is a very nice thing to have. But you might not know that your breakdown cover can also take care of you if you become too ill to drive and you do not have a companion who can take over.

Rescue Breakdown Cover

Sometimes it isn’t the vehicle that has broken down, it can be the driver. Some breakdown companies ask for a medical certificate for this kind of coverage, but others do not. Check with your agent to see if you are covered for this kind of assistance, it can be a great comfort if you have a chronic illness or condition that could render you temporarily an unsafe driver. It can also be of service if you are overcome with a less permanent illness such as food poisoning, or a flu that has rendered you incapable.

Recovery Services

This is another one of those nice perks of having a good breakdown policy. If you become too ill to continue your trip, it might have to be towed or some one will have to drive it to a more secure location. When this happens, there must be some means of recovering the vehicle. Your Rescuemycar breakdown cover can take care of this for you and get your vehicle back home to you, even through repatriation. That can be a comfort when things are not going as planned.


If you are too ill to drive, there is a good chance that your temporary accommodation might be a local hospital, but should you require it some types of breakdown insurance will also help you locate a place to stay when your trip isn’t working out as planned. This can often apply to getting you closer to your vacation destination, even if you or your vehicle are temporarily out of commission.

Primary Function of Breakdown Cover

Of course, the primary function of breakdown vehicle insurance is to assist you with automotive problems that you cannot readily repair for yourself. It provides a licensed mechanic who can often get you back on the road within thirty minutes of arrival on the scene. Breakdown insurance can provide towing for your vehicle, help you select an appropriate or find a covered repair facility. When the repair is going to be a lengthy one, alternative transportation or a place to stay or even both are nice perks. Ask your agent if they are part of your policy.

At Home Coverage

Trouble can often strike within ¼ mile of home. When that happens, you can find yourself walking back to your residence, making calls and having to trust that your vehicle will be all right until you can get help for it. If you are too sick to drive when you are no farther than that from home, you probably are not going to be sufficiently well to walk back home. At Home coverage is your handy helper when you’ve scarcely made it out of the drive.

Personal Breakdown Cover

If you have a condition that puts an emphasis on the “personal” part of breakdown cover, then it is a super idea to get the version of breakdown insurance that covers you no matter what you are driving. That way, your extra personal insurance is always with you. While no one wants to have to use their breakdown insurance for any reason, it is good to have it. Breakdown insurance is the good friend who is always there, no matter what sort of emergency has interrupted your journey.